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Of course, one of the biggest attractions at The Gregory is the amazing food. Chefs Drue Vitter and Chad Galiano have the expertise to create dishes designed to dazzle even the strictest food critics. Our chefs are a powerhouse team, responsible for the amazing menu and the shining reviews of the restaurant. If you want food prepared by admired chefs known for paying close attention to every nuance of the food they serve, reserve your next dinner at The Gregory.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Chef Drue Vitter has worked at many notable dining establishments before The Gregory. His farm-to-table fresh food approach is all about maximizing flavor while creating unique blends of textures and ingredients. Chef Chad Galiano has worked extensively in the culinary industry and is known for creating unique food combinations and menus for guests. Together, they are responsible for delivering the menu The Gregory has become known for.

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If you’d like to book a special event or dinner at The Gregory, contact our staff. Our team would be pleased to help you book a private dining room or register your reservation. If you have any additional questions, we are readily available to support you in arranging a dining experience you’re sure to remember.

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